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Birthday celebration in Museum of Post and Telecommunications!
We have prepared a special birthday adventure in a very pleasant atmosphere of Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec!
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Events - Touring exhibition Jurij Georg Vega

The mathematician Georg Vega (1754-1802) is one of the most eminent scientist and mathematician of Slovene origin. Jurij Vega in principally known for his extremely accurate logarithmic tables that enjoyed widespread use throughout the world for almost two centuries; indeed, it was not until the advent of pocket calculators that they were finally consigned to history. In addition to being mathematician, Vega was also an officer and lecturer in the Imperial Austrian Army, and as such wrote several textbooks containing illustrations that served as the basis for the execution of the models displayed in this exhibition.
With help of Dr. Sandi Sitar - who has been responsible for the contents of the exhibition - and Janko Samsa - who with great skill and dexterity has produced thirteen models (five winches; two screws; three compound combined pulley systems; three cog-wheel transmission systems).  
The catalogue (in Slovene, English, Italian and German language) to the exhibition includes overviews of some physical principles, which provide an explanation as to the function of the exhibited models.  Thus the commentary and model become an aid in the explanation of those same mechanical principles that Vega was teaching his students more than two centuries ago.



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