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Events - Exhibition The Man Who Propelled Vessels on tour in Croatia

4. October 2011 - 27. November 2011

You are warmly welcome to visit  the touring exhibition  The Man Who Propelled Vessels, Josef Ressel  until 27th November 2011 in Technical Museum in Zagreb (Savska cesta 18, Zagreb).

In year 2007, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of death of Josef Ressel, a forward-thinking forest warden and versatile inventor, of Bohemian origins and Austrian citizenship, who worked in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. To honor his life and work, the Technical Museum of Slovenia prepared an exhibition, created with the co-operation of various international institutions and experts. In year 2088 the exhibition was on tour in Slovenian cities, in year 2009 we begin with exhibiting abroad. 


Josef Ressel was born in 1793 in Crudim, Bohemia, and died in 1857 in Ljubljana. In addition to being a great inventor – he was granted the patent for the invention of a ship’s screw - he was also active in the field of forestry, and a great many other fields of technical engineering. By displaying many of Ressel's inventions and patents, the exhibition  of the Technical Museum of Slovenia  presents to the public the universal creativity of this great mind.


At this occasion TMS also published catalogue Od vijaka do junaka about Ressel’s time and work. Authors of the catalogue are: dr. Sandi Sitar, mag. Vladimir Vilman, mag. Boris Brovinsky in dr. Miroslav Sambolek. Available only in museum’s shop (15€ ali 4405 SIT), or you can order via phone 01/750 66 70 or email irena.medle@tms.si. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

Project was carried out by:

Author: dr. Sandi Sitar
Co-author: mag. Vladimir Vilman
Authors of the catalogue: dr. Sandi Sitar, mag. Vladimir Vilman, mag. Boris Brovinsky, dr. Miroslav Sambolek
Project manager: Irena Marušič
Designer: Miha Turšič
Translation by: Melita Silič
Music: Jakob Lorber, Des Gatten Klage (Soprogova tožba); Tomaž Lorenc, violin; Alenka Šček-Lorenz, piano; Anton Jurca, music producer; Branko Škvajnar, sound designer; Arhiv Radio Slovenija

Project was enabled by: 

inistry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech republic
Techniches Museum Wien, Austria
Maritime Museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran
The Regional Musum in Chrudim, Czech Republic
Brodarski Institut d.o.o., Croatia
Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Slovenia
Cultural forum of Austria in Ljubljana
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Slovenia
Music School
Radio Slovenia
Centro didattico naturalistico di Basovizza
Museo di Storia Naturale, Trieste
Town of Chrudim
Municipality of Šentjerne, Slovenia
Municipality of Motovun, Croatia
Zavod Bunker, Slovenia
Semesadike, Slovenia
Brewery Rambousek, Czech Republic
Vinakras, Slovenia
Vina Benvenuti, Croatia
Zigante Tartufi d.o.o, Slovenia




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