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Birthday celebration in Museum of Post and Telecommunications!
We have prepared a special birthday adventure in a very pleasant atmosphere of Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec!
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Students cut out of colored paper skirt and  figure of a ballerinas. The essence of ballerinas lies in its skirt, acting as a propeller, and if you hang over a heat source, it spins. In addition to the precision required by cutting and folding paper children are familiarized with the movement of bodies through the air and why the rotation occurs.

Workshop relates to the mandatory school subject: Learning Environment and Science and Technology
Duration: 45 min
Price: 0,50 € / pupil
Appropriate for grade 1 to 5
The workshop is related to the subject: Learning environment
You can apply by phone 01/750 66 72 or e-mail  programi@tms.si

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