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The opening of the exhibition Caution, electricity!

The opening of a new permanent exhibition took place on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, at 18.00 at the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra near Vrhnika.

At the exhibition you can get to know the history of electrification in Slovenia and everything about the basics of electricity. In addition to the already known exhibits that were already on display (from the Ljubljana City Power Station and Born Hydroelectric Power Plant), the exhibition was supplemented with practical demonstrations that attempt to explain the basics of electricity (electric force, magnetic field, electrical circuit, magnetic field around the conductor, electromagnetic induction ...) and interactive screens with interesting content (quiz, photo documentation, graphic representations). One of them presents the very beginnings of electrification in Slovenia to the present day with the emphasis on hydropower.

With the help of interactive screens, we will be able to upgrade the exhibition with current contents from the field of operation of Slovenian hydroelectric power plants.

Days of Physics 2018

Take a look at this year's Days of physics!

Fire safety in buildings of cultural heritage

On October 4. 2018, we had a Fire safety in buildings of cultural heritage consultation and workshop.

Researcher's night in our museums

Days of Mechanical Engineering

Days of Mechanical Engineering

Formal signing of the contract for the donation of turbines

On Thursday, 6 th of September 2018, at 12.00 we prepared a special event - the solemn signature of the donor contract between the Technical Museum of Slovenia and the company Kolektor Turboinštitut d.o.o. at the Technical Museum of Slovenia, Bistra pri Vrhniki. The Technical Museum of Slovenia namely took over the Francis turbine and the Pelton turbine driver, a donation from Kolektor turboinšitut d.o.o. in July. The objects entered the permanent collection of the Technical Museum of Slovenia with the aim of collecting important exhibits from the field of Slovenian hydrotechnical heritage.

The Opening of a new Elan Alpine skiing museum in Begunje

A new museum has arisen.

Museums on a summer night 2018

Technical museum of Slovenia prepares a rich programme for its visitors every year when the event Museums on a summer night takes place.

Days of Electrical Engineering 2018

Every year the museum hosts the Days of Electrical Engineering, where the researchers, professors and students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Ljubljana present interesting experiments from various fields within their discipline.

Days of Metrology 2018

Metrology is the science that is present everywhere in everyday life. All students, starting in first grade and all the way to young researchers in postgraduate study programs, confront with it every day.

Through the workshops and cases students will learn about the world of measurement and metrology, which is full of attractions, puzzles and surprises.The program is suitable for pupils from for 5th to 9th grade and secondary school children. Days of Metrology are organized in collaboration with the Metrology Institute.

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