--, Uncategorized-Technical Museum of Slovenia is taking part in the project ”Local products of the Count Blagay’s Land”

Technical Museum of Slovenia is taking part in the project ”Local products of the Count Blagay’s Land”


Project promoter: Municipality Dobrova-Polhov Gradec

Project partners: Technical Museum of Slovenia, Public Institute Polhov Gradec Mansion

Total project value: 35,478.44 EUR

Co-financing amount: EUR 20,386.54

Project duration: 4 June 2018 – 31 July 2019

Project summary: Blagay’s land with its existing products is one of the strongest tourist attractions of the Dobrova-Polhov Gradec municipality, whose potential is not fully exploited. Existing capacities of the Polhov Gradec Mansion and the wider Blagay’s land should be connected with the products of local providers and new rich programs of a tourist nature should be introduced and promoted. Nowadays, the characteristics of products and the advantages of individual products as such, their usefulness, quality and the positive reputation of the trademark are no longer sufficient. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and it is becoming harder to attract them and to satisfy their needs.

Objectives: improving the quality of life, preserving nature and the cultural landscape, strengthening the social capital of the area and the social integration of the people.


First activity: the development of a strategy for the use of a destination brand and the development of programs of short entertaining experiences.

Second activity: preparation of a place for occasional meetings, implementation of workshops and programs, the preparation of a telephone booth and a presentation film about Polhov Gradec and the mansion with the promotion of Blagay’s Land and other animated illustrations in the premises of the Technical Museum of Slovenia.

Third activity: the design and printing of promotional booklets and leaflets with programs and their translation into at least two foreign languages ​​(English and Italian).

The results: the products of Blagay’s land – the creation of an integral tourist product of the Blagay’s land, which focuses on culinary experiences and connects local food suppliers. Blagay’s experiences – the creation of a program of short entertaining experiences, which involve the local population in the area of ​​the municipality. Domestic and especially foreign tourists would have an oppurtunity to meet and socialize with the local population for a couple of hours, which would offer different experiences (short restoration workshops, bread baking workshops, workshops of making wooden objects, home cooking recipes workshops, tours of the production of home-made cheese, tasting the local types of honey, presentations of everyday life on the farm, guided excursions in the hills of Polhov Gradec with experienced mountain guides, viewing the presentation film at the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, etc.).


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