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Activities for adults in TMS Bistra


Since the museum is very large, both content- and space-wise, we advise you to take a look only at a few collections during one visit, and viewing the others on the next one. Up to 25 people can be in the guided group at once. The guided tour usually takes 2 hours, we perform classical guided tour of museum collections and temporary exhibitions, but the selection of collections can be customized according to the wishes of the organizer.

For foreign visitors, a guide is available in English, German, Croatian, Serbian and Italian language. The reservations for group visits and programmes must be made at least one week before the visit.

We also organize guided tour for individual visitors in the opening hours of the museum. You can make a reservation no later than two business days before your visit to Slovenia. The entrance fee is the same as for groups. In the winter time, when the museum is closed, it is not possible to organize a guided tour for individuals, but only for groups by prior arrangement.

Guided tour  35 eur/group, 50 eur/group in foreign language
Thematical guided tour 15 eur/group in Slovene language
Guided tour for visualy impared 35 eur/group in Slovene language

When making a reservation, you need to indicate the exact time of your arrival and attend the appointment at the agreed time. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that cause delay, please call +386 1 750 66 70 as soon as possible.
In case of untimely cancellation of the group, less than one working day before the arrival, the museum reserves the right to charge the costs for a guide, which amounts to 20 € / group (25 persons) for one hour and a half of guiding or 27 € / group for two hours of guiding in the Slovenian language (28 € / group for one hour and a half of guiding or 40 € / group for two hours of guiding in a foreign language).

You can make a reservation via:

  • Telephone: +386 1 750 66 72
  • mobile phone: +386 31 583 461
  • e-mail:
  • online registration



The museum programme can be even more varied and combined with additional demonstrations. These take place under the guidance and last from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Demonstration Price/group
Demonstrations of Jurij – Georg Vega’s pulleys, wheels and axles 50,00 €
Demonstration of Nikola Tesla’s
50,00 €
Demonstration of horseshoe forging 50,00 €
Demonstration of baking bread 50,00 €


DIZIT – Days of Science and Technical engineering

The Technical Museum of Slovenia first presented the “Days of Science & Engineering” programme in 2002. This event was a collaboration between the museum and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and due to the huge interest from visitors as well as participating partners (faculties, associations, schools, firms) the project was extended.

The main objective is to popularise science and engineering and promote its study in young people, demonstrating the many possible applications and combining both theoretical knowledge with practice.

At the same time, we want to relate past achievements to those of today using the museum collections and offer a glimpse into the future. The Monday to Friday programme is primarily intended for school children/students and their teachers, whilst Sundays are for individuals and families who wish to become more familiar with the interesting world of science and engineering.

In 2018 and 2019, the Museum anticipates that it will host the following events: Days of Metrology and Day of Innovators (in April), Days of Electrical Engineering (in May), Days of Mechanical Engineering (in September), and Days of Physics (in October). In the TMS unit, the Museum of Post & Telecommunications, which is housed in Polhov Gradec, will also host the Days of Graphics and Days of Computer Science in November.

Days of electrical engineering Sunday, 10. 5. 2020 10–18
TMS and Faculty for electrical engineering UL
Motorized past, demonstration of propulsion machines Sunday, 7. 6. 2020 14–18
TMS and Silvo Čemažar
Days of mechanical engineering Sunday, 29. 9. 2019 10–18
TMS and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UL
Days of physics  Sunday, 27. 10. 2019 10–18
TMS, Faculty of Education UL, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics UM,  Maribor Technical school center

*Groups can view demonstrations by prior registration, by prior arrangement you can visit DIZIT during the week as well.

You can join the event by purchasing a museum ticket.

Book your visit via:



For adults, we also organize three to six day or two-day workshops with different topics and one course, which are done if a sufficient number of applications is made. You can follow the timetable of the workshops in the event calendar.

For all workshops, prior registration is required by phone +386 1 750 66 72, +386 41 57 146 or e-mail:

Please sign up for a workshop no later than four business days before each term. The application is confirmed with the payment of the full amount three working days prior to the workshop.
If you cannot participate in the workshop you applied for, we will return the money if we are informed about this two working days before the workshop.
The museum reserves the right not to return money in the event of untimely cancellation.
In case of too few applications, the money is returned to the applied participants of the workshop.

Payment details:
TR 0110-0603-0377-610, reference 00 1200-xxxxxxxx (workshop date-03012018)


The mentor will teach the participants the whole process of making bread the old way, from dough to bread to bread baking in a masonry oven. Each participant will bring home a loaf of delicious fragrant bread. The course lasts for four hours.

Course price: 20,00 € / person.



We invite you to an 11-hour course of pottery class and clay shaping, which will take place in three meetings:

  • Saturday, October 6, at 9.30 a.m.: Building a mold, baking of made goods (within 3 hours)
  • Saturday, October 13, at 9.30 a.m.: Basis for glazing and glazing products (approx. 3 hours)
  • Sunday, October 21, at 9.30 a.m: Raku Technique (roughly 5 hours)
    Course price: 50 € per participant



Participants of the workshop will learn about the technique of printing on textile goods, ie. screen printing. With water-based paints, we will print various motifs (chickens, birds, flowers, dots …) on the fabric.
Participants can bring their piece of clothing (t-shirt, bag), which they would like to additionally decorate to the workshop.  Each participant will also receive a gift: a cloth or apron, which will be printed with chosen motifs.
The workshop is carried out by JAGABABA and takes from 2 to 3 hours.

Price of the workshop: 15,00 € / person.


The workshop is dedicated to learning about calligraphy. In a short introductory lecture, the mentor will present the participants the basics of calligraphy and basic characteristics of the Gothic alphabet. A practical part will follow, in which you will print individual letters and complete with a real calligraphic product.

The workshop takes about 6 hours and has 2 breaks.

The minimum age of participants must be 14 years. Please bring the ruler (preferably two), pencil and eraser with you. Other necessary materials (paper, pen and ink) are provided at the workshop. The participants can bring their own pen and ink as well, if desired. No prior knowledge is needed.

The price of the workshop is 20,00 € / person.


We invite you to a three-hour course at which we will reveal some secrets of the metals and present the proper maintenance of the kitchen knife.

The course is conducted by Oster Rob. In case of insufficient number of applications, all registered users are directed to the company’s headquarters, since they also conduct workshops at other locations.

The price of the workshop is 15,00 € / person.


Carpentry and woodcarving are an artistic or craft design of (mainly) wood with a blade designed primarily for embellishment. When carving, first a sketch is drawn on a piece of wood which is later chiselled. Carving knives and chisels are used at work, and the surface is finally treated with smoothing, waxing, dyeing, etc.

At the workshop, participants will test themselves in the manual processing of wood. The most suitable wood for processing is softer wood eg. lime. At work, the rule is that none of the hands must be in front of the blade, and a piece of wood must be firmly clamped to the surface. The design of the motif is done in such a way that you first draw a motif (you can copy it through copier paper to the wood), followed by cutting through basic shapes with a chisel or knife, and finally finishing, waxing or coating with linseed oil.

Workshop takes 3 hours and is also suitable for teenagers from the age of 13 years onward.

The price of the workshop is 15,00 € / person.



In a two-day photography workshop, the participants will be theoretically and practically tested in the photography of natural science motifs under the mentorship of the photographer.

Price for 5 participants 120 eur / person
Price for 10 participants 60 eur / person
Price for 15 participants 40 eur / person

The workshop will take place for 6 school hours / term.