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Wooden trees

As part of the Where did the forest fairy go? and Water wheels make miracles programmes, pre-school children can have an enriched visit of the museum by colouring wooden magnets in the shapes of deciduous and coniferous trees. Thus, children develop their hand skills and learn about the importance of forests and wood for humans.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: € 2,00 per child (if it is not in combination with a guided tour for nurseries)

Suitable for: children aged 3 to 6 years

Reservations possible by phone 01/750 66 72 or email programi@tms.si.

Where did the forest fairy go? (Forestry collection)
• learning about autochthonous tree species,
• forest usage in the past and today,
• what does a forest do and why is it important for humans.
Workshop hint: Wooden trees – colouring wooden magnets

Water wheels make miracles (Water power sources and energy)
• learning about the importance of water (water is the basis of life),
• was water used in the past and how is it now,
• discovering the basics of water power sources.

Workshop hint: The colourful world of spinning tops. Wooden trees