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Exibitions archive 2018

Martin Sever was the designer of the first mass-produced van in Slovenia and also responsible for the the first IMV caravans, produced in Novo mesto. In addition to other familiar products, Martin Sever was interested in [...]

On Sunday, 22 April 2018, at 10 am at the Technical Museum of Slovenia, Bistra pri Vrhniki, we prepared an opening event at the beginning of the ICYDK (In case you didn't know) project. We [...]

We are celebrating 135th anniversary of Slovenian electrification. We invite you to a representation of electric power plants in Slovenia, made by Orest Jarh, custodian in Technical museum of Slovenia.  

February 6, 2018 - November 25, 2018 The family company of Jože and Andrijana Kogoj started their development path as a craft plant in 1982. The entrepreneurial will, the desire to make progress and the [...]