Activities for adults in TMS in Bistra


Since the museum is very large, both content- and space-wise, we advise you to take a look only at a few collections during one visit, and viewing the others on the next one. Up to 25 people can be in the guided group at once. The guided tour usually takes 2 hours, we perform classical guided tour of museum collections and temporary exhibitions, but the selection of collections can be customized according to the wishes of the organizer.

For foreign visitors, a guide is available in English, German, Croatian, Serbian and Italian language. The reservations for group visits and programmes must be made at least one week before the visit.

We also organize guided tour for individual visitors in the opening hours of the museum. You can make a reservation no later than two business days before your visit to Slovenia. The entrance fee is the same as for groups. In the winter time, when the museum is closed, it is not possible to organize a guided tour for individuals, but only for groups by prior arrangement.

Guided tour  35 €/group, 50 €/group in foreign language
Thematical guided tour 15 €/group in Slovene language
Guided tour for visualy impared 35 €/group in Slovene language

Demonstration Price/group
Demonstrations of Jurij – Georg Vega’s pulleys, wheels and axles 50,00 €
Demonstration of Nikola Tesla’s
50,00 €
Demonstration of horseshoe forging 50,00 €
Demonstration of baking bread 50,00 €