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Venue hire

The Technical Museum of Slovenia offers its premises both in the parent unit in Bistra near Vrhnika and in the dislocated unit at the Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec.

We can offer the opportunity for you to organize a business or private event, within the beautiful surroundings of the Technical Museum of Slovenia. There are two conference halls available and the extensive grounds outside.
More information:  00386 1 25 15 400 (Urša Vodopivec) or

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Here you can see a list of entertainment options (Activity/Price):

  • Demonstrations of Nikola Tesla’s Experiments:  50 €
  • Demonstration of bread baking in a traditional earthen oven with bread tasting: 60 €
  • Ride with a 30’s car Benz First hour: 90 € (each additional 45 €)
  • Guided tours of collections (2 hours): 50  € (group of 25–30 people)
  • Demonstration of hand typesetting 50 €
  • Demonstration of printing graphics 50 €
  • Demonstration of basket weaving 50 €
  • Demonstration of horseshoe forging 50 €
  • Demonstration of bobbin-work 50 €
  • Demonstration of hat making 50 €
  • Demonstration o hand making toothpick 50 €
    In case of activities after the opening hours, we charge 23€ for each additional hour (plus tax).* In case of low water level the demonstrations will be canceled.

Weddings are also held at the Technical Museum of Slovenia. For information, call Mrs. Irena Koprivec from the administrative unit of Vrhnika on +386 1 750 78 73. Basic information is published on the website of the Administrative unit of Vrhnika.

Polhov Gradec Castle is a cultural monument of the first category and is protected as a national monument. The castle’s premises are intended for cultural and other events, meetings, meetings, lectures, exercises, etc. For the use of the premises, it is necessary to apply in advance. Priority is given to cultural events. In case of announcement of several events, the order of arrival of applications or announcements for the use of premises shall be taken into account at the same time. When preparing the event, it should be taken into consideration that the number of participants must be appropriate according to the size of the premises. The number of participants must not exceed any capacity.

The museum premises:

– hallway on the 2nd floor of the MPT

– hallway on the 1st floor of the MPT

– room on the ground floor

– wedding room

– a room on the 2nd floor

List of activities that can take place at the time of individual events:

– guided tour of museum collections, in Slovene language, 1 hour: € 20 per group of 25-30 people

– guided tour of museum collections, foreign language, 1 hour: 28 € per group of 25-30 people

If the activities are carried out outside the regular opening hours of the museum, each opening hour is 23 € excluding VAT. For the use of additional equipment, the rental price is increased by € 50.00. For events that take place outside the regular opening hours of the museum and on Sundays or public holidays, the cost of at least one TMS duty-payer (15,00 € per hour per person) must be paid.

For more information, please call +386 1 36 40 083 or send an e-mail to

Weddings are also held at the Museum of Post and Telecommunications. For information, please contact the Polhov Gradec Mansion operater Mrs. Nina Slana at the telephone number +386 1 36 456 94. The basic information is published on the website of Javni zavod Polhograjska graščina.