The library, which has been an integral part of the museum since its establishment, stores, collects, edits and lends material from the field of technical and industrial heritage, which it has collected during its existence. It is located on the premises of the administration and is not open to the public.
The material we collect relates to museum collections and the work of curators. Many exemplars of books and other printed materials are kept only by this library and can not be found elsewhere anymore. Quite a few important antique books have found a place in it, some of which also have the status of a rarity, for example, the Oryctographia Carniolica: a work in two books, regarding the topography of Carniola (the first was published in Leipzig in 1778 and the second in 1781). It was written by Baltazar Hacquet (1739-1815), a physician of French descent who collaborated with Scopoli in Idrija, where he became a true expert on the geology, botany and ethnology of Carniola.