TMS Mission and Collection Management Policy

TMS Mission

  • Collecting, preserving, and exhibiting objects of technical heritage, with a particular focus on products of local know-how and those exerting a significant impact on the lives of Slovenian people or whatever typical of local milieu.
  • Overview of the moveable technical heritage’s condition in the field, and cooperation with similar institutions in the implementation of this task.
  • Promotion of technical culture, popularisation of science and technology, and communication of basic achievements in this field – local and global.
  • Research of science and technology history and communication of the latest findings to the public.
  • Promotion of Slovenia by communicating major achievements of Slovenian researchers and technicians and displaying the most successful Slovenian industries.
  • Exploration and monitoring of technological development effects on human beings and nature, as well as promotion of environmental awareness.


TMS Collection Management Policy

The Technical Museum of Slovenia collections comprise the objects of technical heritage which:

  • are the result of Slovenian know-how and creative spirit,
  • were manufactured, designed, or constructed by Slovenians who lived and worked abroad,
  • were manufactured abroad but had a significant effect on life or habits of the local population,
  • are relevant from the historical, ethnological, or sociological perspectives,
  • are a significant technological innovation globally or are considered unique by any other criteria and regarded world technical heritage.