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Activities for families in MPT


Celebrate your birthday in the pleasant setting of the Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec, where we prepared for you a special birthday adventure. Birthday parties at the museum are suitable for children aged 7 to 11 years.
The programme is 180 minutes long, with intermittent breaks, with the possibility of snacks at the end (you need to provide your own food, drinks, plates, and cutlery). You can choose your preferred date and hour when you make your reservation.


(breaks are scheduled between various parts)

• A short and sweet visit of the Museum of Post and Telecommunications (30 minutes),
• making the post horn workshop (45 minutes),
• searching for the lost postal package (45 minutes),
• preparing the space for snacks (bring your food and drinks with you),
• birthday girl or boy receive their museum present.

Up to 15 children:  80,00 €
The price includes the programme, animator, preparation of the area for the feast and the museum present for the birthday boy or girl.
Up to 25 children:  130,00 €
The price includes the programme, two animators, preparation of the area for the feast and the museum present for the birthday boy or girl.

Tel.: +386 1 364 00 83


During school holidays the Museum of Post and Telecommunications is organising children’s holiday workshops. Children there create pot horns, stamps, and post caps, they send each other messages with a Morse telegraph, and, for a short while, become real post carriers at the children’s post office. Prior reservations are not necessary.

F: Sanja Živkovič

Take a look at the scheduled holiday workshops in our event calendar.

CHILDREN’S GUIDEBOOK TRARA, TRARA, POŠTO PELJA (Trara, trara, the post is here)!

Children, parents, grandparents can all enjoy interactive audio stations with stamps and the children’s guide Trara, trara the post is here! with its fun exercises which present history to our youngest and older explorers in a fun and playful manner. We will present you a time when we eagerly awaited our mail carriers to bring us fresh news. A time when mobile phones were not part of our everyday lives.

PRICE: 1,50 €


Where is the post horn? is an European project intended for upgrading the overall image of  Museum of Post and Telecommunications and specially making it more appealing for young children. The project was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and European Social fund. It was carried out by students from University of Ljubljana. The game takes you on a journey through time, introducing different eras of postal service along the way. Imagine travelling to Ancient Greece, visiting the Middle Ages, fighting for your life underwater, going inside the telephone and much more. Different characters that you meet along the way help you to find the missing pieces of the post horn. In order to finish the game, the child must find answers to different riddles by exploring the museum and searching for hidden clues. We managed to make the museum visit more interesting for children and increase their focus when looking at the exhibition.

PRICE: free

More about the project: