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Visiting TMS with your dog?

We often receive a question, whether you can visit our museum with your house pet. Dogs are only allowed in the park and/or museum if they are guide dogs for the visually impaired or assistance dogs for disabled individuals who have the appropriate licences assigned to them due to their medical condition, and which demonstrate that an assistance dog is essential to enable them to visit the site.

Unfortunately, in all other cases access is not permitted with dogs.

The Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra is the largest Slovenian museum and the castle park is part of the monastery-castle complex which is protected in its entirety as a site of cultural heritage of national significance and is therefore subject to strict measures in regard to its management. Various museum exhibits are located both within the buildings and outdoors or are part of specific museum exhibitions (i.e. traction engine, agricultural machinery, water-driven machinery, etc.). In addition, the park is the venue for different events and workshops, weddings, etc.

The castle park is a landscaped area within the complex and not a public open space and the magnitude of the complex makes it impossible to physically separate the museum collections and objects from the park areas.

Some park managers have different access arrangements, however dogs are also not allowed in many similarly protected institutions; for example, Protocol Park Brdo with its large park area that constitutes a significant part of the complex.

If a visitor doesn’t have the necessary license, their dog can wait either in front of the museum entrance or at the museum box-office. We will make sure it is put in a nice shadowy corner and has plenty of water in the time of your visit.

Thank you for your understanding.

Foto Ana Katarina Ziherl