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Pivka open storage depot

The Park of Military History Pivka is home to the joint depots of the Museum of Contemporary History, the National Museum of Slovenia and the Technical Museum of Slovenia. Many exhibited museum items are on display, including the ones from the traffic collection, items related to water, animal and steam drive, computers, telecommunications, objects from the fields of post, traffic, textiles, agriculture, woodworking, forestry and some photo techniques, robots, lasers, Osana’s collection, radios, televisions, a collection of the Elan factory and printing.

About 1300 objects are exhibited in total.
We would like to see that the visit to the depot would become an invitation to visit the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra and Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec and, of course, an interesting addition to the offer of the Military History Park of Pivka.

More information: programi@tms.si, +386 1 750 66 72, +386 41 957 146 or info@parkvojaskezgodovine.si, +386 31 775 002.

Location: Kolodvorska cesta 51, 6257 Pivka