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New for Schools: A combined view of the TMS and the Park of Military History Pivka

Do you want your students to get to know the diversity of the technical heritage?

In cooperation with the Park of Military History Pivka we offer you a tour of the technical collection that TMS has, water, animal- and steam drives and a tour of the Military Vehicles and Technique of the 20th Century of the Park of Military History Pivka.
A visit to each museum (the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra and the Park of Military History Pivka) lasts two school hours, four alltogether. Guided tours are thematic and deal with the use of various propulsion devices and the development and use of vehicles over time. Complete the visit with a lunch at the Museum Kantina in Pivka (price 3,00-7,00 € / person). The tour is suitable for the third triad of elementary schools.

The price of the combined ticket, which includes a visit to both museums and guided tours, is 8,00 € / person. An extra charge for visiting the submarine’s interior is € 2.50.

You can start your tour at Bistra, on the edge of the Ljubljansko barje marshes, where there used to be a monastery, and today it is one of the largest museums in Slovenia and you can continue the visit in Pivka or vice versa.

Both museums store many objects with interesting history and stories, which the guides gladly present to curious youngsters.

Announcement of the groups must be made at least one week before the visit at programi@tms.si, +386 1 750 66 72, +386 41 957 146 or info@parkvojaskezgodovine.si, +386 31 775 002.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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