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New for Schools: A combined visit of the TMS and the Municipal Services of Vrhnika

With the new school year, the Technical Museum of Slovenia and the Municipal Services of Vrhnika invite you to visit the forestry, forestry and hunting collection, water drives in TMS and a visit to the collection center, waste facilities, composting plants and treatment plants in Municipal Services of Vrhnika.

A guided tour of an individual institution (the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra and the Municipal Services of Vrhnika) takes two hours, four alltogether. The tours are thematic and address the importance of forests, aquatic resources, variety of animal species and waste management (separation of waste, processing in a collection center, waste management technology and the operation of a treatment plant).

The price of the combined ticket, which includes a visit and guided tours of both institutions, is 5 € / person (with the minimum number of participants in the group of 20 persons).

You can start your excursion at Bistra, on the outskirts of the Ljubljansko barje marshes, where there used to be a monastery, and is now one of the largest museums in Slovenia, and continue in a communal enterprise or vice versa.
The combined tour is intended for elementary school pupils of the first and second thriad.

Visits have to be booked in advance at least one week before the visit at programi@tms.si, +386 1 750 66 72, +386 41 957 146 or depo@kpv.si, +386 41 777 385.

We invite you to spend an informative and interesting day of activity in our company.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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