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IMV collection in Drgančevje

We also invite you to visit the museum collection of the development of the automotive and trailer industry in Dolenjska, which is located in Drgančevje in Novo mesto. The collection was created by the Club of Friends of IMV in cooperation with TMS and numerous partners, sponsors and supporters.

The museum profession is unified that the IMV collection is important both locally and nationally. It shows the history of the automobile and trailer industry in Dolenjska, which has a key impact on life in the entire region, but it still has a great influence on the development of the entire economy and promotion of successful products in Slovenia all over the world.

The museum collection is open for visitors every Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00, and group tours are also possible during the week, in the morning or afternoon, upon prior announcement and arrangement. The contact person is Mr. Vojko Grobovsek, tel. +386 31 819 988.

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IMV collection in Drgančevje

Drgančevje 12
8000 Novo mesto
+ 386 (0)31 819 988