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History of Post

Post, telegraph and telephone services in the Polhov Gradec Museum are introduced in such a manner that visitors are able to receive an insight into all the numerous forms of transfer and transmission of news, information, money and goods, from ancient times right up to the present day.

With the help of archive documents, models and paintings visitors learn about the development of postal services in Slovenia until the 18th century. The period of postal activity in the 19th century is presented with a post office, a postal carriage model, a postal uniform with a post horn and a writing corner, where visitors can write a letter. During centuries the post has changed its organizational forms, the way of work and the use of means of transport  in accordance with the development of political, economic and cultural life. The later period is presented with a post office from the 20th century and a short animated film.
Displayed postal means of transport, postal logistics and uniforms present the time of the postal service until nowdays.