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The Soteska open-storage depot

The Soteska open-storage depot encompasses a collection of vehicles that as a whole do not convey any one particular message. Although visitors may find interest in particular vehicles, they all share just one thing in common: they do not qualify as a museum collection, with the exception of the wagon and carriage collection. Thus this open storage will remain the way it is now. Nevertheless the vehicle collection is constantly complemented and rotated. When the project for a museum exhibition addressing the whole history of road transport in Slovenia can finally be realised, the most distinguished examples of wagons and carriages will be moved to Bistra and give their place in turn to some other vehicles from the Bistra museum or Borovnica open storage – or maybe indeed some new exhibits. It is intended to install storage racks and increase the storage space to two floors. In the future we also intend to produce a more detailed presentation of the wagons and carriages collection together with their historical development.


Wagon & Carriage collection

Almost the entire wagon and carriage collection of The Technical Museum of Slovenia – which represents the nucleus of the future permanent exhibition on road transport – is currently kept at the Soteska open storage depot.
Many centuries of wagon and carriage usage and development within the territory of modern day Slovenia and evidence of the road based transport infrastructure, prove that for nearly all this time inland transport depended solely upon on these types of vehicles. Despite the fact that the third millennium witnesses the replacement of such vehicles by tractors and other machinery in agriculture where they were longest used, wagons and carriages have not completely disappeared from the scene. If nothing else it should be pointed out that the motor vehicles, which significantly marked the 20th century, actually derive from these old-fashioned means of transport. Hitherto the collection that should be the basis of any exhibition pertaining to the transport development was unfortunately closed to public. For this reason we decided to place at Soteska open storage depot particular emphasis on this collection, together with some other vehicles, mainly cars.

Wagon & Carriage collection

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