Exhibition: Man on the Moon

That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind” are the words which have been stamped into collective memory. The 50th anniversary of the landing of a man on the Moon is remembered by an exhibition which deals with “the event of all events” from what is mainly a ‘domestic’ perspective: through the contributions and achievements of Slovene individuals, the recollections of the local population and the extensive coverage of their media. At the very end, we touch upon the future – is a Lunar Village merely a utopia or something more? Didn’t space exploration seem utopian before it became history?
Although in the course of the Space Race, which started with the launch of the first artificial satellite and ended with the landing on the Moon, the Slovenes were more or less observers, we have played more than a negligible role in space exploration and the development of space technologies, beginning with Herman Potočnik Noordung, a pioneer of the first generation of space theorists, and continuing in recent decades with a number of scientists making significant contributions both at home and abroad, and, finally, of course, those astronauts of Slovene descent.

On display until December 31st 2020.

For the exhibition we received a certificate of participation in the international celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Project leader: Irena Marušič
Authors of exhibition: Miha Turšič, Irena Marušič, Irena Ribič,
Texts by: Miha Turšič, Irena Marušič, Irena Ribič, Blaž Šef, Jakob Kovačič,
Design and multimedia: Miha Turšič
Interactions for children: Katarina Fuchs
Translation and language editing: Melita Silič
PR: Urša Vodopivec, Luka Štepec
Print: Altos d.o.o.
Technical implementation: Tehniški muzej Slovenije
Acknowledgment and materials: Technical Museum of Slovenia, National Museum of Contemporary History, Ali Žerdin Collection. Press Museum, Museum of Yugoslavia Institute of Slovenian Astronauts, NASA, RTV Slovenia Archives and Documentation Service, Marija Strojnik, Sunita Williams, Ronald Sega, Janez Pavlovčič: Osvajanje vesolja, vesoljska tekma in odmevi v slovenskem časopisju v letih 1957 – 1969. Ljubljana, 2013.

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