Technical Museum of Slovenia Collections


The first records of water-powered mills in Slovenia date from the Early Middle Ages, and their development reached a peak during the 12th and 13th centuries. Most such mills were erected in places where the natural conditions facilitated their operation. It is also interesting to note that in the evolution of these mills, only the form of driving wheel changed, the milling devices themselves remained basically unchanged for centuries. Following the introduction of the drive shaft, the mechanism for the transfer of power from waterwheel to millstone also stayed much the same.

The milling industry collection is complemented by a waterpowered mill. This machine dates back to the late-19th century; indeed, the year 1884 is incised into its wooden framework. Its last owner used it until 1977. The mill has three undershot waterwheels and three circular millstone sets. Flow from the millpond is controlled by sluice gates, whence water is channelled along a headrace to the mill wheels.