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Technical Museum of Slovenia Collections

From grain to bread

The exhibition as a whole features the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Slovenia through the ages. Indeed farming – in the sense of producing food – was the principal economic activity for the great majority of the Slovene people since time immemorial. In the collection entitled From Grain to Bread, special emphasis is placed on the cultivation and processing of grain. The tools and machinery which farmers once used to perform such activities as ploughing, tilling, sowing, cultivating, harvesting and threshing are also on show.

First part of the exhibition represent the main crop husbandry works. You can see machines and tools, which were used in the past.

The milling industry is founded on one of the oldest and most indispensable of crafts, the development of which grew in parallel with the cultivation of grain. Displays follow the evolution of milling tools and working machinery – from hand mills, querns and stamp mills, through water-powered mills, and on to the development of the modern milling industry. The collection is complemented by numerous pictorial projections of mills operating in Slovenia, as well as portraits of the millers themselves.

The mentor teaches the participants the whole procedure of bread baking, the traditional way, from dough kneading to baking bread in a special bread oven. Every participant takes home a loaf of deliciously fragrant bread.

Price is 20,00 € per person. For adults only.

Strictly limited number of spaces available requires prior applications for the workshops. You can apply by phone 01 750 66 72 or e-mail:  programi@tms.si