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Wildlife in Slovenia

Most of the available space in this part of the museum is dedicated to a full presentation of the extraordinary variety of wildlife that is to be found in this most diverse of Central European states. Introductions of particular species follow the same basic concept: dioramas with taxidermic specimens of the animals in their natural habitat. Trophies and other exhibits are also complemented with photographs, graphs and written commentaries. By way of all this, the visitor can gain a complete picture of a particular species, including information as to its habitat and range, lifestyle, how and when it is hunted, as well as to what degree it is endangered and protected. The natural habitats of all wildlife is being denuded and diminished due to the pressures exerted by man; it is for this reason that an ever increasing number of species are coming under the threat of extinction. Just by way of example: among the great variety of species on display in the museum, only 24 may be hunted in Slovenia, and quotas as well as other limits and restrictions are set on these animals too

A number of exhibits deserve special attention. Here mention should be made of the collections, which illustrate the development of ibex and chamois horns, while the brown bear skin on display enjoys the status of natural heritage. Space is also given over to polharstvo – dormouse trapping, an ancient folk method of hunting this forest animal that still continues to this day in the forests of Lower Carniola. In the past dormouse trapping was a combination of a viable economic activity and a social event. The vast array of different wooden traps that are to be found – designs based on the experience and ingenuity of the dormouse hunters themselves – are proof that this ritual became very well developed indeed.