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Fishes in Slovenija

The final room offers a presentation of the wide variety of the fish species that inhabit Slovenia’s fresh waters. In addition to the usual information and display materials, there are a series of taxidermic specimens, which actually prove the extraordinary sizes to which an individual fish may grow. And because fish are rather difficult to observe in their natural habitat, a number of species are exhibited in an aquarium. Due to the shortage of the exhibition space, and in order to nevertheless provide a thorough presentation of Slovene waters as well as the great variety of fauna that inhabit them, there is also a multimedia display, which provides the visitor with a wealth of detailed information.

In year 2008 the permanent collection was supplemented by a new multimedia presentation: Fish in the Slovene Waters, and also a film introducing a large number of various fish: by means of an underwater camera, we can witness the life in the river, from source to outfall, as well as fish life in lake Bled.