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Technical Museum of Slovenia Collections

Temporary exhibitions

The Road Vehicles department includes two temporary exhibitions.

In addition to the Ljubljana Tram exhibition dating from 1997 located within the automobile collection predating Second World War, there is also a temporary exhibition (established in 2002) that addresses the development of the Slovene Commercial vehicles industry.

Since autumn 1997, when Bistra hosted a temporary exhibition ‘Ljubljana Tram – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’ you can see the first city tram, dating from 1901. It is complemented with some panels from the exhibition which was accompanied by a catalogue that is sold out.

The exhibition begins with visual material that gives an introduction to the Slovene chassis workshops from the pre-WWII period, which can be considered predecessors to the Slovene commercial vehicles industry proper. First to be mentioned among the exhibits is a TAM Pionir truck, the first Slovene mass-produced vehicle. The model on display is a fire service version donated to the museum by Stična Voluntary Firemen Association.
In addition, there are also two chassis of TAM Pionir and TAM 4500 trucks, as well as a collection of engines manufactured by TAM. The collection is complemented by visual material of TAM (A Maribor-based manufacturer of commercial vehicles and engines) and Avtomontaža (Ljubljana-based manufacturer of bus chassis) product ranges through history.